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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 33min Audience Score: 57.7%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Twelve" follows the life of White Mike, a young drug dealer in Manhattan. He navigates through the affluent teenage society while avoiding the drug scene. His life takes a turn when his cousin is murdered over a drug deal. As Mike tries to distance himself from the drug trade, he faces difficult choices. The story unveils the dark side of the elite youth culture, exploring themes of privilege, decadence, and the consequences of reckless behavior. It's a glimpse into the murky world of drugs and its impact on the lives of affluent teenagers in New York City.

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Duration: 93 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-07-30

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User Rating: 57.7% out of 222 votes

Tagline: Teen life, drugs, danger—a dark portrayal of New York.


In the intriguing and gripping tale of "Twelve," we delve into the gritty streets of Manhattan and the lives of privileged yet troubled teenagers. At the heart of this story is White Mike, a young drug dealer navigating through the affluent teenage society of New York.

White Mike lives on the fringes of the drug world, yet he avoids its allure. His life takes a sudden turn when his cousin, Charlie, is murdered over a drug deal gone wrong. Faced with this tragedy, Mike grapples with his own involvement in the drug trade, seeking to distance himself from its dangerous web.

As the story unfolds, we are thrust into the opulent yet tumultuous world of these affluent teens. The narrative paints a vivid picture of their lives, filled with decadence, parties, and the reckless pursuit of pleasure. It's a world where money seems endless, but the emptiness and darker sides of existence lurk beneath the surface.

Amid this backdrop, the film delves into the lives of characters like Sara Ludlow, who grapples with addiction, and the charismatic, yet dangerous, drug dealer Lionel. Their intertwining lives mirror the tangled web of privilege, addiction, and the consequences of indulgence.

"Twelve" offers an unsettling exploration of the affluent teenage culture and its inherent darkness. The story unearths the stark realities and consequences of living in a world where decadence and recklessness intertwine. The film's portrayal of these young lives raises questions about the dangers of excess, the allure of drugs, and the shattered innocence that can be found behind the facades of luxury.

As the narrative progresses, the audience is drawn into the vivid portrayal of this society, haunted by the shadows cast by drug abuse and the tragic consequences it begets. It's a tale that sheds light on the struggles and dangers lurking within a world of seemingly endless privilege, leaving viewers captivated by the harsh realities and consequences that stem from the pursuit of excess.