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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 47min Audience Score: 66.36%

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Plot and Synopsis

In the uproarious comedy "Tropic Thunder," a group of self-absorbed Hollywood actors set out to make the ultimate war movie. They head to a remote jungle location for filming, but the pampered actors quickly find themselves in over their heads.

The film's director, Damien Cockburn, tries to create a realistic experience by abandoning the cast in the jungle. However, when their bumbling antics inadvertently lead them into the territory of a real drug cartel, chaos ensues.

The cast includes a variety of eccentric characters, like action star Tugg Speedman, who's desperate to revive his career, and Kirk Lazarus, an Australian method actor who undergoes a controversial procedure to play an African American soldier. These characters clash and compete as they navigate the perilous jungle, mistaking real danger for part of the movie.

Amidst explosions, betrayals, and absurd mishaps, the actors must find their way back to civilization and discover the true meaning of heroism. "Tropic Thunder" is a hilarious satire of Hollywood's excesses and the lengths actors will go to for fame. It's a wild ride that combines action, comedy, and an all-star cast delivering unforgettable performances.

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Duration: 107 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2008-08-09

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User Rating: 66.36% out of 5592 votes

Tagline: War Meets Comedy: Tropic Thunder Delivers Laughs in the Jungle!


Once upon a time, in the glitzy world of Hollywood, there was a movie in the making. But this was no ordinary movie; it was meant to be the biggest, most epic war film ever created. Its name was "Tropic Thunder."

At the helm of this ambitious project was a director named Damien Cockburn. He had a reputation for being a pushover, and the actors on his set took full advantage of it. Among the stars were Tugg Speedman, an action hero trying to revive his fading career; Jeff Portnoy, a crude comedian addicted to substances; and Kirk Lazarus, a method actor who had undergone a radical procedure to transform into an African American soldier.

The trouble began when the filming in a remote jungle location went awry. The actors were clueless about the hardships of a real war, and their pampered ways clashed with the harsh environment. Damien's efforts to toughen them up only led to chaos. Frustration reached a boiling point, and the crew was at a breaking point.

In a desperate bid to capture authenticity, Damien decided to change tactics. He dropped the actors deep in the jungle, hoping they would find their way back to civilization while he secretly filmed their struggle. Little did he know that the jungle held not only the challenges of nature but also a very real drug cartel.

As the actors stumbled through the jungle, they believed everything was part of the movie. Real danger was mistaken for scripted stunts, and the situation escalated when they encountered the ruthless drug lord, Alpa Chino, who was none too pleased about their intrusion.

With explosions, betrayals, and hilarious mishaps aplenty, the actors were in way over their heads. They had to summon their inner heroes and figure out how to survive the jungle, all while believing it was part of the movie.

"Tropic Thunder" is a riotous comedy that skewers the excesses and absurdities of Hollywood. It's a tale of actors forced to confront their own vanity and ego in the most unexpected of ways. As they navigate the wild jungle and their own egos, they discover that true heroism lies not in scripted lines but in the courage to face the unknown.

So, the next time you watch a blockbuster film, remember the misadventures of the "Tropic Thunder" cast and the hilarious chaos that unfolded in the quest for cinematic glory. It's a reminder that sometimes, the real adventure lies in the unplanned and the unexpected, both on and off the silver screen.