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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 23min Audience Score: 77.75%

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Plot and Synopsis

In "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" (2007), we enter the world of competitive arcade gaming, where high scores are a source of pride and prestige. At the heart of this documentary is the epic rivalry between two gamers: Steve Wiebe, a humble schoolteacher, and Billy Mitchell, a charismatic gaming legend.

Steve Wiebe's journey begins when he discovers the classic arcade game "Donkey Kong." Driven by a desire to prove himself, he sets out to break the world record high score. His quest is not easy, as he faces challenges and skeptics along the way.

Billy Mitchell, the reigning champion, is determined to maintain his status as the "Donkey Kong" king. His larger-than-life personality and legendary gaming skills make him a formidable opponent.

The film takes us into the world of competitive gaming, where egos clash, records are challenged, and the pursuit of glory becomes an obsession. As Steve and Billy vie for the top spot, tensions rise, friendships are tested, and the stage is set for an epic showdown.

"The King of Kong" is a gripping exploration of the human drive for excellence and recognition. It shows us that even in the world of arcade games, the quest for greatness can be a thrilling and sometimes humorous journey. Whether you're a gamer or not, this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for your favorite contender in this battle for arcade supremacy.

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Duration: 83 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2007-03-25

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User Rating: 77.75% out of 407 votes

Tagline: The King of Kong 2007: A Battle for Arcade Supremacy.


Once upon a time in the world of arcade gaming, there were two champions whose quest for glory would become the stuff of legends. This is the tale of "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" (2007), a thrilling documentary that takes us deep into the competitive and passionate world of classic arcade games.

Our story begins with Steve Wiebe, a mild-mannered schoolteacher living a quiet life with his family. One day, as he searches for a new purpose, he stumbles upon an old arcade machine that would change his life forever – "Donkey Kong." Steve becomes captivated by the game and sets his sights on achieving the highest score in the world. Little did he know that this journey would lead to a clash of titans.

Enter Billy Mitchell, the reigning champion and a gaming superstar. With his charismatic personality and iconic mullet, Billy was not just a gamer; he was a legend. For years, he had held the record for the highest score in "Donkey Kong," and he was determined to maintain his title as the king of arcade gaming.

As Steve Wiebe's quest for the high score gains momentum, he faces numerous challenges and obstacles, both within the game and from the gaming community itself. Skeptics question the legitimacy of his achievements, and the competition becomes a test of skill, perseverance, and integrity.

The documentary follows Steve's relentless pursuit of the "Donkey Kong" high score, which takes him to the brink of exhaustion and obsession. Along the way, we meet a cast of colorful characters, including Walter Day, the founder of Twin Galaxies, the organization that tracks video game records, and an assortment of gaming enthusiasts and rivals.

The tension builds as Steve and Billy engage in a high-stakes battle for arcade supremacy. The world watches as these two gaming giants clash in epic showdowns, where every move and every high score attempt could change the course of gaming history.

"The King of Kong" is a story of determination, rivalry, and the pursuit of greatness. It's a tale that shows us how a simple quest for a high score can become an all-consuming passion, and how the world of classic arcade gaming is filled with drama, competition, and unexpected twists.

Whether you're a fan of video games or not, this captivating documentary invites you into a world where dreams are chased pixel by pixel and where the pursuit of a high score can become a quest for recognition and validation. It's a story that reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures can unfold in the most unexpected places, even within the confines of an arcade cabinet.