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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 33min Audience Score: 59.92%

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Plot and Synopsis

In "The Final," a group of high school outcasts, tired of enduring bullying, concoct a plan for a revenge-filled, themed prom. They invite their tormentors, planning to teach them a chilling lesson about the pain they've endured. However, the event takes a dark and sinister turn as the outcasts, donned in horrifying masks, subject their former tormentors to psychological and physical torture. What was meant to be a retribution turns into a terrifying and twisted night of horror, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator in an intense and chilling tale of vengeance gone awry.

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Duration: 93 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-01-28

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User Rating: 59.92% out of 252 votes

Tagline: Revenge takes a sinister turn in The Final's chilling tale.


In the eerie world of "The Final," we delve into the unsettling story of a group of high school outsiders who've endured relentless torment and bullying. Fed up with the cruelty they've faced, they orchestrate a themed prom night, inviting their tormentors under the guise of a celebration, but with a much darker agenda in mind.

As the night unfurls, the seemingly festive event takes a sinister turn. The outcasts, adorned in haunting masks, capture and subject their former bullies to a chilling, twisted retribution. What was intended as a night of reckoning, a lesson in the pain they've endured, spirals into a night of terror, blurring the lines between victim and aggressor.

The tormentors find themselves trapped and tormented, facing psychological and physical anguish at the hands of their vengeful hosts. The once powerless and bullied now wield a haunting power, unleashing a night of horrifying reckoning.

As the night progresses, a dark transformation occurs, blurring the distinction between those seeking retribution and those at the receiving end. The outcasts' desire for justice skews into a disturbing and terrifying spectacle, revealing the complexities of revenge and the darkness it can awaken within.

The film delves into the harrowing complexities of human nature, revenge, and the fine line between justice and vengeance. It offers a chilling reflection on the impact of bullying and the haunting consequences of retribution.

The night, initially intended as a form of twisted justice, becomes a heart-wrenching and twisted tale of horror, highlighting the dangers of seeking revenge and the haunting repercussions it brings. It's a night of transformation, painting a grim picture of the shifting dynamics of power, fear, and the brutal consequences of a revenge plot gone horrifyingly astray.

"The Final" stands as a testament to the chilling implications of retribution, offering a disturbing yet captivating narrative that blurs the boundaries between victim and aggressor. It's a story that warns of the harrowing and irreversible effects of vengeance, leaving a haunting impact on all involved in this night of unimaginable terror and despair.