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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 22min Audience Score: 59.08%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Rubber" (2010) is a unique and quirky film that tells the story of Robert, a discarded car tire that comes to life with telekinetic powers. This rubber tire, with an appetite for destruction, embarks on a bizarre and murderous rampage across a small desert town.

The movie unfolds as Robert, the tire, rolls through the town, causing chaos and death in its path. As it continues its inexplicable killing spree, a group of onlookers becomes aware of its actions, watching from a distance.

The film takes on a surreal and absurd quality as the tire's motives remain a mystery. Is it driven by some unknown vendetta, or is it simply an odd and malevolent force of nature?

"Rubber" is an unconventional and satirical take on the horror genre, blurring the lines between reality and absurdity. It explores the notion of an inanimate object becoming a supernatural killer, leaving the audience both perplexed and entertained.

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Duration: 82 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-11-09

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User Rating: 59.08% out of 909 votes

Tagline: An absurdly hilarious tale of a killer tire with a mind.


In a world where the bizarre and absurd take center stage, there exists a peculiar tale known as "Rubber" (2010). This is not your typical horror movie; it's a unique, satirical, and utterly surreal experience.

Our story begins in a barren desert, where an ordinary car tire named Robert inexplicably comes to life, gaining telekinetic powers. Yes, you read that right—a tire with psychic abilities.

As Robert's rubbery existence takes an unexpected turn, it decides to roll on a peculiar and murderous rampage. It crushes everything in its path, from scorpions to human heads, with a particular taste for destruction.

But what makes this tale truly unusual is the audience within the movie itself. A group of onlookers, assembled in the desert with binoculars, watches Robert's strange and violent journey. They're not just witnesses; they're part of the story.

The onlookers ponder the tire's motives, debating whether it's acting out of vengeance, boredom, or sheer absurdity. They try to make sense of the senseless, but the tire remains a mystery.

"Rubber" is not your typical horror movie—it's a satirical take on the genre, a commentary on the absurdity of horror tropes and the way audiences engage with them. It challenges our expectations, making us question the conventions of storytelling.

As the story unfolds, the audience within the movie becomes a significant part of the narrative. They're like us, questioning the strange events and absurdity of it all. This adds another layer of surrealism to the film.

The tire's murderous spree continues, and its victims multiply. It's not just about its strange power but the sheer absurdity of a tire as a relentless killer. It's as if the film is asking, "Why not?"

"Rubber" is an unconventional and daring cinematic experience that forces us to question the very essence of storytelling and audience engagement. It blurs the line between reality and fiction, leaving us both bewildered and amused.

In the end, "Rubber" is a satirical exploration of the horror genre, a commentary on our expectations, and an experiment in storytelling. It's a reminder that in the world of cinema, the boundaries of imagination can be stretched to the point of absurdity, and that's where the magic often happens.