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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 2hr 39min Audience Score: 71.96%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Rockstar" is a movie that rocks with the story of Janardhan Jakhar, played by Ranbir Kapoor. Janardhan dreams of becoming a famous rock musician, but his life takes a different turn when he meets the beautiful Heer, portrayed by Nargis Fakhri. Heer is already engaged, but she and Janardhan form a deep connection.

As life unfolds, Janardhan transforms into Jordan, a musical sensation. His journey takes him from Delhi to the world stage, but fame comes at a cost. Jordan's fame is a whirlwind of music, passion, and heartbreak, all intricately woven together. He struggles with love, loss, and the price of stardom, and the movie explores how fame can change a person.

"Rockstar" is a tale of musical ambition, unrequited love, and the bittersweet taste of success. It's a story that takes you on a melodic rollercoaster, revealing the highs and lows of a rockstar's life and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of one's dreams.

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Duration: 159 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2011-11-11

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User Rating: 71.96% out of 166 votes

Tagline: Unleash Your Inner Rock God with Rockstar's Epic Journey.


In the heart of a bustling Indian city, there lived a young man named Janardhan Jakhar. But he wasn't just an ordinary youth; he had dreams as big as the sky. His dreams had a rhythm, a melody, and they echoed through the streets of Delhi like a song waiting to be sung.

Janardhan's dream was simple yet extraordinary. He aspired to be a rockstar, to let his voice soar high and his guitar wail in the night. He wanted to write songs that would stir souls and make hearts race to their own beat. But life, as it often does, had other plans for him.

Janardhan's life took a significant turn when he met the enchanting Heer, a beautiful woman with a spirit as wild as the wind. She was engaged to another, but fate had something different in mind. Janardhan and Heer's paths converged, and they found an inexplicable connection through music, friendship, and an unspoken yearning for something more.

As time flowed, Janardhan transformed into Jordan, a name that would soon be on everyone's lips. His journey from a struggling musician to a rock sensation took him on a wild ride. His music resonated with the souls of those who heard it, and he became a rockstar, living his dream.

But fame came at a price. Jordan's life became a whirlwind of concerts, adoring fans, and the intoxicating allure of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. However, success had its thorns. The world of fame and fortune had a way of changing a person. Jordan grappled with love, loss, and the relentless weight of stardom. He had achieved his dream, but at what cost?

"Rockstar" is a story that weaves a captivating narrative around the pursuit of one's passion and the price of fame. It's a story of musical ambition, unrequited love, and the bittersweet taste of success. Jordan's journey is not just about the rise of a rockstar; it's about the sacrifices, the heartbreak, and the longing that accompanies that journey.

Through music, the movie takes you on a mesmerizing voyage, exploring the highs and lows of Jordan's life and the profound impact of his art. "Rockstar" is a tale that resonates with the dreamer in all of us, reminding us that the pursuit of our dreams can be a tumultuous but ultimately fulfilling journey. It's a story of love, passion, and the enduring power of music that can move hearts and souls, and it's a melody that lingers long after the final chord has been struck.