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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 41min Audience Score: 70.63%

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Plot and Synopsis

In the 2008 documentary film "Religulous," the irreverent and witty comedian Bill Maher embarks on a quest to explore the world of religion. With humor and a critical eye, Maher travels across the globe, engaging in conversations with people of various faiths and belief systems.

Through interviews and visits to religious sites, Maher delves into the complexities of faith, spirituality, and organized religion. He challenges religious doctrines, questions religious leaders, and seeks to understand the influence of faith on individuals and society.

As Maher encounters a diverse array of believers, from Christians and Muslims to Jews and Mormons, he uncovers both the humorous and thought-provoking aspects of their beliefs. With his sharp wit and unapologetic skepticism, Maher examines the contradictions and controversies within the world's major religions.

"Religulous" is a provocative and humorous exploration of the role of religion in the modern world. It raises important questions about faith, reason, and the impact of religious beliefs on our lives. Maher's irreverent approach invites viewers to ponder the nature of belief and spirituality in a thought-provoking and entertaining manner.

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Duration: 101 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2008-10-01

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User Rating: 70.63% out of 538 votes

Tagline: Religulous: A Hilarious Quest for Divine Answers!


Once upon a time, in a world filled with diverse beliefs and faiths, there was a curious man named Bill Maher. He had a gift for humor and a knack for asking questions that made people think. Bill Maher decided to embark on a fascinating journey, one that would take him on a quest to explore the many faces of religion. This journey would become the documentary film known as "Religulous."

Bill Maher wasn't on a mission to ridicule or belittle people's beliefs; instead, he was driven by a genuine curiosity about the role of religion in our lives and the world. With his sharp wit and unfiltered humor, he set out to interview people of various faiths and belief systems, from devout Christians to devout Muslims, from Jews to Mormons, and many more.

As Bill Maher traveled from place to place, he engaged in thought-provoking conversations with religious leaders, scholars, and everyday believers. He visited holy sites, attended religious gatherings, and even explored the fascinating world of religious-themed amusement parks.

Throughout his journey, Bill Maher didn't shy away from asking the tough questions. He challenged religious doctrines, pointed out contradictions, and sought to understand the impact of faith on individuals and society. He explored topics like creationism, the existence of God, the concept of sin, and the influence of religion on politics.

What made "Religulous" captivating was Bill Maher's ability to balance humor with serious inquiry. He used humor as a tool to open up discussions and encourage critical thinking. While some moments were undeniably funny, others were introspective and thought-provoking, prompting viewers to ponder the nature of belief and spirituality in their own lives.

As the documentary unfolded, it became clear that "Religulous" wasn't just about poking fun at religious beliefs; it was a call for dialogue and understanding. Bill Maher's journey challenged viewers to look beyond the surface and explore the deeper meaning of faith and religion in a world where diverse beliefs often coexist.

In the end, "Religulous" left its audience with questions and a sense of wonder about the complexities of human beliefs. It encouraged us all to engage in open, respectful conversations about faith, spirituality, and the role of religion in our lives. It was a journey filled with humor, curiosity, and a genuine quest for knowledge, making "Religulous" a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of one of humanity's most profound topics.