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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 2hr Audience Score: 69.03%

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Duration: 120 min

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Release Date: 2007-06-01

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Tagline: Mr. Brooks 2007: The Perfect Life, The Perfect Crime.


Once upon a time in the bustling city, there lived a man named Earl Brooks (played by Kevin Costner). To the outside world, Earl appeared to be the epitome of success—a wealthy businessman, a devoted family man, and a pillar of the community. However, Earl harbored a dark and insatiable secret that threatened to unravel his carefully constructed life.

You see, Earl was not your typical protagonist. He was a serial killer. Behind closed doors, he couldn't resist the dark urge that drove him to commit heinous murders. His meticulous planning and calculated executions earned him the nickname "The Thumbprint Killer."

To control his murderous desires, Earl attended addiction support group meetings, where he shared his darkest impulses and sought solace in the company of others battling their own demons. It was in these meetings that Earl met his unlikely partner in crime, Mr. Smith (played by Dane Cook), a budding photographer with a penchant for blackmail.

Mr. Smith discovered Earl's secret and, armed with photographic evidence, coerced him into teaching the art of killing. Earl reluctantly agreed, and together, they embarked on a gruesome killing spree, leaving a trail of victims in their wake.

As the body count rose, so did the stakes. Earl's carefully constructed world began to crumble under the weight of his crimes. Enter Detective Tracy Atwood (played by Demi Moore), a tenacious and determined officer hot on the trail of the Thumbprint Killer. She was relentless in her pursuit, piecing together the puzzle of the gruesome murders.

The film weaves a complex tapestry of characters and moral dilemmas. It explores the duality within Earl—the battle between his dark addiction and his desire to maintain a normal life. As the body count continues to rise, and Detective Atwood closes in on the killers, secrets and lies unravel.

"Mr. Brooks" is a psychological thriller that challenges the audience to grapple with questions of morality, addiction, and the thin line between good and evil. Kevin Costner's portrayal of Earl Brooks is hauntingly captivating, blurring the lines between sympathy and revulsion.

In this dark and suspenseful tale, the characters' fates are inexorably linked, leading to a heart-pounding climax where the true nature of Earl's addiction is laid bare. "Mr. Brooks" is a gripping exploration of the human psyche, reminding us that beneath the veneer of normalcy, the most sinister secrets can be concealed.