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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 58min Audience Score: 66.61%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Los ojos de Julia" follows Julia, whose world unravels when her twin sister, Sara, commits suicide. Julia, facing her own impending blindness, delves into Sara's final days to unravel the mystery behind her death. Driven by love and a harrowing need for answers, Julia unravels a chilling puzzle that leads her to a frightening discovery. As her vision worsens, the mystery intensifies, and Julia finds herself in a dark, haunting world filled with secrets, danger, and a chilling force linked to her sister's demise. The film weaves a spine-tingling tale of psychological terror, unraveling a gripping mystery surrounding Julia's eyes.

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Duration: 118 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-10-29

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User Rating: 66.61% out of 732 votes

Tagline: Discover the terror behind Julia's haunting eyes.


In the eerie and captivating tale of "Los ojos de Julia," we encounter a haunting mystery that unfolds around Julia, a woman facing the terrifying prospect of impending blindness. The story takes a chilling turn when Julia's identical twin sister, Sara, tragically ends her life, leaving behind an enigmatic suicide note. Determined to uncover the truth behind Sara's demise, Julia immerses herself in a perplexing journey.

Driven by love and an insatiable thirst for answers, Julia embarks on an investigative quest, delving into Sara's final days. However, her impending blindness adds a haunting urgency to her pursuit. As Julia navigates Sara's puzzling world, she unravels a web of chilling secrets and mysteries, leading her to an ominous revelation.

Julia's journey becomes increasingly treacherous as the mysteries surrounding her sister's death intensify. The investigation leads her into a realm shrouded in darkness, secrets, and an enigmatic force connected to her sister's tragic fate.

As the darkness edges closer, the mystery deepens. Julia's fragile world becomes a chilling tapestry of secrets, danger, and an unsettling presence. The looming threat to her own sight adds a layer of urgency to her quest, infusing the journey with a sense of time running out.

The film masterfully blends psychological terror with a gripping narrative, ensnaring the audience in a world filled with suspense and inexplicable occurrences. It's a bone-chilling tale that pulls viewers into a realm where the quest for truth merges with the fear of losing one's sight, weaving an enthralling narrative that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

"Los ojos de Julia" stands as a haunting and engaging story, offering a mesmerizing tale that seamlessly blends the psychological terror of an impending loss of sight with the mystery and intrigue surrounding a twin's inexplicable demise. It's a gripping narrative that captivates audiences, plunging them into a realm where the dread of losing one's vision meets the sinister secrets hidden behind Julia's eyes.