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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 43min Audience Score: 59.1%

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Plot and Synopsis

In "London Boulevard," an ex-convict named Mitchell seeks to start fresh and distance himself from his criminal past. He lands a job as a handyman for a reclusive actress named Charlotte. Despite his efforts to avoid trouble, his past connections draw him back into the criminal world through Gant, a menacing gangster who wants Mitchell back in his crew. Mitchell faces a daunting choice: embrace his former life of crime or pursue a new path with Charlotte. The movie unfolds as a gritty, tense narrative exploring the struggle between redemption and the pull of one's past in the streets of London.

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Duration: 103 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-11-10

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User Rating: 59.1% out of 670 votes

Tagline: A gripping tale of crime, redemption, and London's dangerous streets.


In the streets of London, the tale of "London Boulevard" follows the story of Mitchell, a man determined to leave behind his criminal past. Fresh out of prison, he aspires for a clean start, but the haunting shadows of his history cast a formidable shadow on his path to redemption.

Mitchell lands a job as a handyman for Charlotte, a reclusive actress secluded in her luxurious home. However, as he attempts to build a new life, the allure of London's underworld, with its gritty criminal underbelly, lures him back.

The catalyst for Mitchell's return to a life of crime is Gant, a ruthless gangster eager to reclaim Mitchell for his crew. Despite Mitchell's attempts to distance himself from his old ways, Gant's persistent demands and threats pull him back into the dark and dangerous world he yearns to escape.

The heart of the tale lies in Mitchell's internal conflict. On one side, there's his desire for a fresh start, his connection with Charlotte, and his hope for a better life. On the other, the haunting allure of his past, the pull of loyalty, and the fear of Gant's retribution wrestle for dominance in his life.

The movie unfolds as a gritty and tense narrative, painting a vivid picture of the struggle for redemption amidst the bustling, vibrant streets of London. It's a tale of choices, highlighting the precarious balance between one's past and the promise of a new future.

Amidst the captivating backdrop of London's diverse landscapes, the story navigates the complexities of loyalty, crime, and the yearning for a new beginning. Mitchell's journey, interwoven with the duality of hope and darkness, reveals the intricate nuances of human nature, illustrating the constant battle between the desire for transformation and the inescapable clutches of one's history.

"London Boulevard" stands as a gripping and compelling narrative that delves into the intricate fabric of morality and the relentless pursuit of a fresh start in a world filled with the lingering echoes of a troubled past. It's a story that captures the pulsating heartbeat of London, painting a poignant portrait of the eternal struggle between the pull of redemption and the shadows of one's history.