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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 40min Audience Score: 63.56%

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Plot and Synopsis

In "Just Wright," Leslie Wright, a physical therapist and avid basketball fan, crosses paths with NBA star Scott McKnight. When Scott sustains an injury, Leslie becomes his therapist, forging a close bond while aiding his recovery. As their relationship deepens, Leslie falls for Scott, but he's drawn to her stunning friend, Morgan. Despite her feelings, Leslie decides to support Scott and Morgan's relationship. However, when Morgan reveals her true intentions, Scott realizes Leslie's true value. The movie chronicles their journey as Scott recognizes true love, understanding that sometimes, it's found in the most unexpected places.

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Duration: 100 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-05-14

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User Rating: 63.56% out of 355 votes

Tagline: A heartfelt love story through the game of basketball.


In the heartwarming tale of "Just Wright," we encounter Leslie Wright, a caring and determined physical therapist who finds herself entwined in an unexpected romance that transcends the boundaries of love and basketball.

As a devoted basketball fan, Leslie’s passion for the sport is unmatched. Her life takes an unforeseen turn when she crosses paths with NBA star Scott McKnight. When Scott faces a career-threatening injury, Leslie steps in as his physical therapist, bringing her expertise and heartfelt dedication to aid in his recovery.

Through their sessions, a profound bond forms between Leslie and Scott. Their connection goes beyond the rehabilitation process, blossoming into a genuine and heartfelt relationship. However, their budding romance encounters a curveball when Scott’s attention turns towards Leslie’s stunning friend, Morgan.

Despite her growing affection for Scott, Leslie stands by her friend and supports Scott and Morgan's relationship. Her selflessness and genuine care for their happiness overshadow her own feelings. However, as the layers of Morgan's intentions unfold, Scott realizes the true depth of Leslie’s character and the authenticity of her love.

The story beautifully weaves themes of love, basketball, and the complexities of relationships. It paints a picture of selflessness, resilience, and the enduring power of genuine affection. Scott comes to understand the value of true love, recognizing that it might not always arrive in the package one expects.

"Just Wright" captures the essence of love and the unexpected paths it takes. It’s a story that resonates with the idea that sometimes, the greatest love is found in the most unexpected places. The film is a touching journey that emphasizes the beauty of loyalty, selflessness, and the triumph of genuine affection over superficial allure, leaving the audience with a warm, inspiring, and heartfelt message about love and relationships.