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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 21min Audience Score: 49.11%

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Plot and Synopsis

In the 2010 movie "Jonah Hex," we follow the story of a scarred and enigmatic bounty hunter named Jonah Hex, portrayed by Josh Brolin. The setting is the harsh and unforgiving Wild West, a place where justice is often served with a loaded gun.

Jonah Hex has a unique gift – he can communicate with the dead. His life takes a dark turn when he crosses paths with the sadistic villain Quentin Turnbull, played by John Malkovich. Turnbull blames Hex for a tragic event in their past and seeks revenge.

Hex is hired to stop Turnbull's malevolent plan, which involves a deadly superweapon. As he embarks on his mission, he encounters dangerous foes and confronts his haunted past. With supernatural elements and intense gunfights, the movie unravels a tale of vengeance, redemption, and the power of a tormented antihero.

"Jonah Hex" is a Wild West adventure filled with action and the supernatural, offering a gritty and compelling story of a man walking the thin line between life and death, seeking justice in a lawless land.

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Duration: 81 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-06-18

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User Rating: 49.11% out of 1339 votes

Tagline: Jonah Hex: Justice Has a New Name.


In the vast and unforgiving expanse of the Wild West, where the sun scorched the land and justice was often a matter of quick draw and deadly aim, there lived a mysterious figure known as Jonah Hex. Jonah Hex was no ordinary gunslinger; he was a scarred and solitary bounty hunter, a man with a haunting past and an uncanny gift.

Josh Brolin brought this antihero to life in the 2010 movie "Jonah Hex." Hex's tale was one of darkness, vengeance, and the supernatural, set against the backdrop of a lawless and unforgiving land.

Hex's life took a fateful turn when he tangled with a sadistic and relentless villain named Quentin Turnbull, portrayed by John Malkovich. Turnbull blamed Hex for a tragic event in their shared history, and the scars of that past ran deep. Turnbull was not just a man seeking revenge; he was a man with a diabolical plan that threatened to plunge the entire nation into chaos.

Hex was hired to stop Turnbull's malevolent scheme, which involved the creation and deployment of a devastating superweapon. As he embarked on his perilous mission, Hex found himself entangled in a web of treachery and danger. The path to justice was strewn with ruthless enemies, each more formidable than the last.

What set Jonah Hex apart from your typical gunslinger was his peculiar and eerie gift. Hex could communicate with the dead, a talent that haunted him with visions of the past and the torment of those he had crossed paths with. This supernatural aspect added an intriguing layer to his character and the story.

The movie delved into Hex's haunted past, revealing the tragic events that had left him scarred in more ways than one. As he sought to stop Turnbull's nefarious plot, Hex had to confront his own demons and make peace with the past that had shaped him into the enigmatic figure he had become.

"Jonah Hex" was a Wild West adventure that blended the grit of the Old West with the supernatural. It was a story of a man who walked the thin line between life and death, seeking justice and redemption in a land where brutality and chaos reigned. The movie was filled with intense gunfights, high-stakes confrontations, and a sense of eerie mysticism that set it apart from traditional Western tales.

In a world where bullets spoke louder than words, Jonah Hex's journey was a compelling saga of one man's quest to bring a measure of justice to a land where justice was often scarce. It was a tale that reminded us that even in the harshest of landscapes, the search for redemption and the battle against evil are stories worth telling.