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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 28min Audience Score: 62.99%

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Plot and Synopsis

In "Jackass: The Movie," join Johnny Knoxville and his band of fearless friends as they embark on a hilarious and outrageous adventure filled with daring stunts and crazy pranks. The film follows the antics of the Jackass crew as they perform a series of wild, shocking, and sometimes painful stunts in front of the camera. From diving into a snake pit, to riding shopping carts downhill, and even getting shot with riot-control projectiles, they push the boundaries of comedy and self-inflicted pain. Throughout the movie, the team showcases their incredible camaraderie and unyielding commitment to entertaining their audience with laugh-out-loud moments. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of absurdity, absurd humor, and a total disregard for personal safety in this ultimate display of daring and stupidity.

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Duration: 88 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2002-10-25

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User Rating: 62.99% out of 1409 votes

Tagline: Unruly antics, wild stunts, and laughter unchained.


Once upon a time in the wacky world of "Jackass: The Movie," a group of misfit daredevils led by the charismatic Johnny Knoxville embarked on a daring and uproarious journey. Fueled by their love for laughter and absurdity, the Jackass crew sought to push the boundaries of comedy and challenge the limits of their own sanity.

In their quest for outrageous entertainment, they devised a series of daring stunts and bizarre pranks that would leave audiences both amused and astounded. From performing reckless high-speed stunts in shopping carts to enduring painful encounters with wild animals, nothing was off-limits for these fearless jokesters.

One of the crew's wild escapades involved diving into a pit full of slithering snakes, where the fear of venomous bites was no match for their insatiable thirst for hilarity. Another absurd challenge saw them dressed in riot gear, braving the painful impact of riot-control projectiles shot at point-blank range – all in the name of comedy.

Throughout their uproarious adventure, the Jackass crew showcased an unbreakable bond of friendship and camaraderie. Despite the inevitable scrapes, bruises, and concussions, their laughter echoed through every prank, creating a contagious sense of joy that spread far beyond their eccentric circle.

However, their path to hilarity was not without obstacles. Local authorities and unsuspecting members of the public often found themselves unwittingly involved in the crew's antics, resulting in unexpected confrontations and chaotic situations.

As the film unfolded, it became clear that the Jackass crew was not just a group of daredevils seeking attention. Behind the outrageous stunts lay a genuine desire to connect with their audience and bring smiles to the faces of millions.

In the end, "Jackass: The Movie" became more than just a collection of wild stunts – it was a celebration of friendship, a testament to the power of laughter, and a reminder that sometimes, the best medicine is a hearty dose of absurdity.

And so, as the credits rolled on this rollercoaster ride of laughs and lunacy, audiences left the theater with a newfound appreciation for the art of comedy and a lingering sense of camaraderie with the unforgettable Jackass crew. For in their antics, they found a mirror of the hilarity and madness that lies within us all.