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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 35min Audience Score: 57.26%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Hop" is a delightful Easter-themed movie about a young rabbit named E.B. He's next in line to become the Easter Bunny, but he has dreams of becoming a drummer. E.B. escapes to Hollywood to pursue his passion, leaving a gap in the Easter Bunny role. Meanwhile, in the human world, a young man named Fred is struggling to find a job.

The two worlds collide when Fred accidentally hits E.B. with his car. They strike a deal: Fred agrees to help E.B. while he recovers from the accident, and in return, E.B. will help him with his life troubles.

As Easter approaches, E.B. and Fred must work together to save Easter, and in the process, they both discover their true callings. "Hop" is a heartwarming tale of following your dreams and the importance of friendship, sprinkled with Easter magic.

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Duration: 95 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2011-03-30

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User Rating: 57.26% out of 1125 votes

Tagline: Get ready to hop into a world of Easter adventure!


Once upon a time, in a world where Easter magic was very real, there lived a young rabbit named E.B. He was no ordinary bunny; he was destined to become the Easter Bunny, following in the furry footsteps of his illustrious father. But E.B. had a dream that was as unconventional as it was heart-pounding – he wanted to be a drummer, to make music that would set hearts racing.

One sunny Easter morning, E.B. made a daring decision. He hopped away from his destiny, leaving behind his responsibilities and duties, and set his sights on Hollywood. He had one thing on his mind: to pursue his passion for drumming and prove to himself that he could make it on his own.

In the human world, things were not as cheerful for a young man named Fred O'Hare. Fred was in his twenties, a friendly and well-meaning fellow, but his life was stuck in a rut. He had no job, no direction, and his parents couldn't understand why he wasn't getting his life together. Fred's life seemed to be going nowhere, much like his name.

One fateful day, E.B.'s and Fred's paths unexpectedly crossed. Fred accidentally hit E.B. with his car. Shocked, Fred tended to the injured rabbit, never suspecting that this chance encounter would change his life forever.

E.B. had nowhere to go, and Fred took him in, offering him shelter and help until he recovered. What began as a curious friendship between a human and a talking rabbit soon blossomed into an unexpected adventure. E.B. was determined to make it in Hollywood as a drummer, and Fred, seeing the determination and courage in the young rabbit, decided to help him on this quest.

But back in Easter Island, the Easter Bunny's domain, things were spiraling into chaos. E.B.'s absence was causing a bunny commotion, and Easter was in jeopardy. A sinister and ambitious chick named Carlos saw an opportunity to seize power and threatened to ruin Easter forever.

E.B. and Fred's friendship grew stronger as they embarked on a wild and egg-citing adventure. They had to outwit Carlos, save Easter, and along the way, both of them discovered their true callings. E.B. learned the importance of fulfilling responsibilities, and Fred found purpose in helping his furry friend.

"Hop" is a tale of friendship, dreams, and the power of believing in yourself. It's a story that shows how unexpected encounters can lead to extraordinary adventures. Through the laughter, the music, and the magic of Easter, E.B. and Fred learned that sometimes, life's most incredible journeys begin with a simple hop in the right direction.