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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 50min Audience Score: 62.87%

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Plot and Synopsis

"Honey 2" is a dance-filled drama that follows the life of Maria Ramirez, a talented young dancer who dreams of making it big in the world of hip-hop. Maria's journey is filled with ups and downs, as she faces the challenges of her troubled past and strives to overcome them.

After serving time in juvenile detention, Maria is determined to leave her past behind and pursue her passion for dancing. She joins a dance crew and enters a dance competition, where she hopes to prove herself and make her mark in the competitive world of street dance.

The film is a fusion of electrifying dance sequences and a compelling storyline that revolves around Maria's personal growth and her pursuit of redemption through dance. As she forms new friendships and finds love along the way, Maria learns valuable lessons about perseverance, self-expression, and the power of following her dreams.

"Honey 2" is a tale of resilience, ambition, and the transformational power of art, and it takes the audience on a rhythmic journey through the vibrant world of urban dance.

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Duration: 110 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2011-06-23

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User Rating: 62.87% out of 378 votes

Tagline: Dance, Dream, and Defy: Honey 2 Unleashes the Ultimate Beat!


Once upon a time, in a bustling city where the rhythm of life was set to the beat of dreams, there lived a young woman named Maria Ramirez. Her story was one of passion, redemption, and the pulsating world of hip-hop dance. This is the tale of "Honey 2."

Maria was a gifted dancer with a fire in her heart and a dream in her feet. But life had not always been kind to her. A troubled past had led her down a rocky path, and she found herself serving time in juvenile detention. It was a dark chapter in her life, but she clung to her love for dance like a lifeline.

Upon her release, Maria was determined to leave her troubled past behind and step into the spotlight as a dancer. She joined a dance crew known as the HDs, a group of young, talented dancers who shared her passion for hip-hop. Together, they trained relentlessly and danced with an unbridled spirit, pouring their hearts and souls into every move.

As Maria became part of the HDs, she also found herself forming deep and meaningful connections with the members of the crew. There was Carla, the fierce and fearless leader, and Brandon, a charismatic dancer with dreams of his own. And then there was the charming J.J., whose love for Maria would add a new layer of complexity to the tale.

The crew set their sights on the ultimate dance competition, The Beatdown, where they hoped to prove their mettle and take the hip-hop world by storm. But this was no ordinary competition; it was a chance for redemption, a stage to showcase their talent, and an opportunity to rewrite their destinies.

Maria's journey was not just about dance; it was about finding her voice and her identity. Her love for dance was a driving force that allowed her to express her deepest emotions and heal the wounds of her past. As she danced, she discovered the power of self-expression and the transformational magic of art.

Through trials, tribulations, and fierce dance battles, Maria and the HDs learned the true meaning of resilience. They faced competition that was as fierce as the urban jungle they danced in, and they learned the value of perseverance and the strength of unity.

"Honey 2" is a tale of ambition and the pursuit of dreams. It's a story of personal growth and redemption through the art of dance. As Maria and the HDs pour their hearts into their performances, they learn that the power of dance transcends boundaries and has the potential to change lives.

In the end, the beat of their hearts merges with the beat of their music, and they create a dance performance that is a symphony of passion, talent, and dreams. "Honey 2" is a celebration of the indomitable human spirit and the unifying force of art, as it takes the audience on a rhythmic journey through the vibrant world of urban dance.

As the credits roll, the audience is left with the resonating message that no matter where life has taken you, your dreams and passions can lead you to a place of redemption and transformation. "Honey 2" is a testament to the power of art and the magic of dance, and it invites us all to dance to the beat of our dreams, no matter the odds.