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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 42min Audience Score: 63.61%

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Plot and Synopsis

In the 2010 movie "Grown Ups," we follow the lives of five childhood friends who reunite after the passing of their beloved basketball coach. The group includes Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler), Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James), Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock), Marcus Higgins (David Spade), and Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider).

Each of these friends has taken different paths in life. Lenny is a successful Hollywood agent, Eric is a family man, Kurt is a househusband, Marcus is single and carefree, and Rob is a new-age vegan. When they come together with their families for the coach's funeral, they decide to spend the Fourth of July weekend at the coach's lake house, just like old times.

The reunion turns into a weekend of hilarious and heartwarming adventures as they rekindle their friendship and share unforgettable moments with their families. The film explores the ups and downs of growing up, the importance of friendship, and the joy of reliving cherished memories.

As they navigate the challenges of adulthood, "Grown Ups" reminds us of the enduring bonds of friendship and the laughter that comes from revisiting the past. It's a lighthearted comedy filled with humor, nostalgia, and the warmth of reconnection.

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Duration: 102 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-06-24

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User Rating: 63.61% out of 5613 votes

Tagline: Childhood friends reunite for a hilarious and heartwarming summer!


Once upon a time in a small town, there were five best friends who shared the most incredible childhood memories. They were Lenny Feder, Eric Lamonsoff, Kurt McKenzie, Marcus Higgins, and Rob Hilliard. These pals were inseparable, especially when it came to their love for basketball and their legendary coach, Buzzer.

As the years went by, life led them down different paths. Lenny (played by Adam Sandler) became a Hollywood hotshot with a high-pressure job. Eric (Kevin James) settled into a life of domesticity as a husband and father, while Kurt (Chris Rock) took on the role of a househusband. Marcus (David Spade) remained carefree and single, and Rob (Rob Schneider) became a new-age vegan.

But, as it often happens, life has a way of bringing people back together. The news of their beloved coach Buzzer's passing was a wake-up call for these childhood friends. They realized that they had drifted apart and lost touch with what truly mattered in life.

The friends gathered for Coach Buzzer's funeral, and it was during this somber occasion that they made a decision that would change their lives. They decided to spend the Fourth of July weekend at the coach's lake house, just like old times. This reunion was not just about saying goodbye to their coach but also about saying hello to their cherished friendships.

As they arrived at the picturesque lake house with their families in tow, they were met with a flood of nostalgia. The laughter, pranks, and camaraderie of their youth came flooding back. They introduced their own families, and it was clear that their children shared the same sense of adventure and mischievousness that they once had.

The weekend turned into an unforgettable and uproarious adventure. The friends rekindled their bonds, shared heartwarming stories, and reenacted their favorite childhood moments. They even competed in a rematch of the basketball game that had defined their youth.

"Grown Ups" is a heartwarming tale of friendship, family, and the enduring magic of childhood memories. It reminds us all that, despite the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood, there's always room for a little fun, laughter, and a touch of nostalgia.

The film teaches us that while we may grow up and go our separate ways, the memories of our youth and the friendships we forged along the way will always hold a special place in our hearts. It's a story of reconnection, rediscovery, and the joy of reliving the carefree moments of childhood.

So, dear audience, remember that even in the midst of busy lives and growing up, the bonds of friendship can be rekindled, and the laughter of youth can live on forever. "Grown Ups" is a heartwarming reminder that some things, like friendship and nostalgia, never truly grow old.