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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 54min Audience Score: 51.68%

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Plot and Synopsis

The 2011 movie "Green Lantern" introduces us to Hal Jordan, a brash and fearless test pilot who stumbles upon a powerful alien ring. This ring, powered by the Green Lantern Corps, grants him extraordinary abilities and inducts him into an intergalactic police force.

Hal, played by Ryan Reynolds, must quickly learn to harness the ring's energy, which is fueled by his willpower, to confront an ancient and formidable cosmic threat known as Parallax. Parallax seeks to consume the universe's essence and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

As Hal trains under the guidance of fellow Lanterns, he faces personal and professional challenges, including his rocky relationship with fellow pilot Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). The fate of Earth and the entire universe rests on Hal's shoulders as he takes on Parallax in a spectacular cosmic battle.

"Green Lantern" is a tale of heroism, self-discovery, and the indomitable power of will. It's a journey through space, exploring the boundless potential of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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Duration: 114 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2011-06-14

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User Rating: 51.68% out of 6816 votes

Tagline: In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern's might.


In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists a force, a power, and a responsibility that transcends Earth itself. This is the essence of "Green Lantern," the 2011 movie that takes us on an epic cosmic journey.

Our story begins on our little blue planet, where we meet Hal Jordan, a hotshot test pilot portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. Hal is no ordinary human; he's about to be chosen as the first human Green Lantern, a member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

The Green Lanterns are entrusted with the most powerful weapon in the universe, a ring that harnesses the energy of willpower to create constructs limited only by the user's imagination. Hal's selection as a Green Lantern is no coincidence; it's based on his courage and willpower, traits that are rare and essential for this role.

As Hal embarks on his training on the planet Oa, he encounters a council of wise and ancient beings known as the Guardians of the Universe. These beings oversee the Green Lantern Corps, guiding them in their mission to maintain peace and justice across the universe.

However, there's a malevolent force brewing on the horizon – Parallax, an entity of fear and destruction that poses a grave threat. Parallax, once imprisoned by the Lanterns, escapes and begins to devour entire worlds, leaving only fear and devastation in its wake.

Hal, as the newly anointed Green Lantern, is entrusted with the immense responsibility of stopping Parallax and protecting the universe. His journey takes him to different worlds, where he confronts not only powerful adversaries but also his own self-doubt and fears.

Back on Earth, Hal grapples with his past, including his rocky relationship with Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and unresolved issues surrounding his father's death. These personal challenges add complexity to his already daunting mission.

The film builds to a spectacular cosmic battle as Hal faces Parallax in a showdown of immense proportions. It's a battle of willpower, courage, and the unwavering determination to protect all that is good.

"Green Lantern" is a story of heroism, self-discovery, and the infinite potential of the human spirit. It transports us to distant galaxies and reminds us that even in the face of unimaginable odds, one person's will can make a difference, not just on Earth but in the farthest reaches of the universe.

As we journey through the cosmos with Hal Jordan, we learn that being a hero isn't about the absence of fear but about summoning the willpower to face it head-on. In the end, "Green Lantern" is a cosmic adventure that ignites our imagination and leaves us with a powerful message – that the power to change the universe lies within us all.