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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 32min Audience Score: 63%

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Plot and Synopsis

In the action-packed movie "From Paris with Love" from 2010, we follow the story of James Reece, a low-level diplomat working at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. James has dreams of becoming a secret agent and is excited when he's assigned to partner with the enigmatic and trigger-happy Charlie Wax.

Their mission starts as a simple task to retrieve a package, but it quickly spirals into a high-octane adventure filled with explosions, gunfights, and car chases. As James and Charlie uncover a web of criminal activity, they realize they are in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy involving drug lords and terrorists.

The film is a rollercoaster of action and suspense as the odd couple of James and Charlie must work together to thwart the impending threat and save the day. "From Paris with Love" is a thrilling ride through the streets of Paris, blending espionage, crime, and buddy movie elements to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Duration: 92 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-02-04

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User Rating: 63% out of 1840 votes

Tagline: Explosive Action in the City of Love: From Paris with Love


Once upon a time, in the enchanting city of Paris, there lived a man named James Reece. James was an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream—he longed to become a spy, much like the heroes he admired in movies and novels. But in reality, he worked as a low-level diplomat at the U.S. Embassy, far from the thrilling world of espionage he imagined.

One day, James's life took a dramatic turn when he was assigned a new partner, the charismatic and unpredictable Charlie Wax. Charlie was the complete opposite of James, with a reckless, shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude. With his bald head and tattoos, he seemed like he walked right out of an action movie.

Their mission seemed straightforward at first: retrieve a mysterious package from an associate in the city. Little did James know that this simple task would thrust him into a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and chaos.

As they set out on their mission, the two unlikely partners found themselves in the midst of an explosive situation. It turned out that the package was a small part of a much larger puzzle. Drug lords, terrorists, and a web of criminal activity converged around them, creating a complex and perilous situation.

The streets of Paris became the backdrop for intense gunfights, adrenaline-pumping car chases, and daring escapes. James, who had once dreamt of being a spy, suddenly found himself living a real-life action movie. He was out of his depth, struggling to keep up with Charlie's relentless pursuit of the enemy.

The heart of "From Paris with Love" lies in the dynamic between James and Charlie. They were an odd couple, one meticulous and cautious, the other impulsive and fearless. Together, they faced the challenges of a dangerous mission that would test their abilities, trust, and friendship.

The movie is a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the romantic streets of Paris, where bullets fly and explosions light up the night. The suspense builds as James and Charlie race against time to uncover the secrets behind the criminal conspiracy and prevent a catastrophe.

"From Paris with Love" is a tale of unexpected heroes, explosive action, and the adventure of a lifetime. It captures the essence of a spy thriller, with a blend of humor, suspense, and unforgettable characters. As the story unfolds, it reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures can begin with the most ordinary people, and that dreams can come true in the most unexpected ways.