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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 46min Audience Score: 62.17%

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Duration: 106 min

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Release Date: 2011-08-18

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User Rating: 62.17% out of 1792 votes

Tagline: Beware what lurks next door. Evil has a new neighbor.


In the quiet suburban town of Glenwood, a seemingly ordinary teenager named Charley Brewster lives a typical high school life. He enjoys spending time with his friends and has a loving mother, but little does he know that his life is about to take a terrifying turn.

A new neighbor, Jerry, moves into the house next door. With his suave charm and good looks, Jerry quickly becomes the talk of the town, but there's something off about him. His strange nocturnal habits and the mysterious disappearances of people in the neighborhood start to raise suspicions.

Charley's best friend, Ed, is the first to sense that something is wrong with Jerry. He becomes convinced that their neighbor is a vampire, preying on the town's residents. Initially, Charley dismisses Ed's fears as wild fantasies, but as more evidence mounts, he can't deny that something sinister is lurking next door.

When Ed goes missing, and Charley's own mother falls under Jerry's hypnotic spell, he is left with no choice but to confront the vampire. In his desperate search for answers, Charley seeks the help of Peter Vincent, a former vampire-hunter turned Las Vegas magician. Together, they form an unlikely alliance to take on Jerry and his bloodthirsty minions.

The battle between Charley and the vampire unfolds in the dark and eerie night. The tension rises as they engage in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game. As fangs come out and the supernatural collides with the ordinary, Charley must find the courage within himself to protect his loved ones from the nightmare that goes bump in the night.

"Fright Night" is a modern reimagining of the classic vampire tale, filled with humor, horror, and suspense. It takes you on a thrilling journey as a young boy must face the ultimate evil that has invaded his seemingly peaceful neighborhood. With the help of an eccentric vampire slayer, Charley must battle the forces of darkness to save his friends and family from the bloodthirsty predator next door. It's a spine-tingling story of fear, bravery, and the enduring power of friendship in the face of the unknown.