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Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 2hr 10min Audience Score: 72.51%

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Duration: 130 min

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Release Date: 2011-04-20

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User Rating: 72.51% out of 7594 votes

Tagline: Fuel up for the ultimate heist of the year.


Once upon a time, in the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro, a group of outlaws found themselves in the ultimate race against time. Their story was filled with heart-pounding action, high-speed chases, and unexpected alliances. This is the tale of "Fast Five."

Our journey begins with Dominic Toretto, a skilled driver and mastermind of heists. Dom, along with his sister Mia and friend Brian O'Conner, is on the run, fleeing from the law. They escape from a prison bus, leaving a trail of dust behind. Their crime family has faced danger before, but this time, it's different.

In Rio, they hide in plain sight, blending into the vibrant chaos of the city. But their peaceful escape doesn't last long. They cross paths with the ruthless drug lord, Hernan Reyes, who happens to be storing a vast fortune in cash in an impenetrable police station. The temptation is too great for Dom and his crew, and they decide to assemble a team for one last heist, one that could change their lives forever.

To make this heist possible, they reunite with familiar faces from their past exploits. Roman, Tej, and Han join the team, each bringing their unique skills to the table. The stakes are high, as they find themselves pursued by the relentless federal agent, Luke Hobbs, who is determined to bring them to justice.

As the crew gears up for the heist, their plan takes shape. Fast cars, precise timing, and sheer audacity are their weapons. The action is relentless, and the chase scenes are electrifying. Dom's love for fast cars and his loyalty to his crew are put to the test, and he must make choices that will define the course of their lives.

But "Fast Five" is not just a tale of heists and high-speed chases. It's a story of family, the unbreakable bonds between friends, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. The crew's camaraderie and their willingness to protect their own make this story a thrilling and heartwarming journey.

In the end, "Fast Five" is a story of redemption, second chances, and the power of unity. As the crew races through the colorful streets of Rio, they must outsmart both the law and the drug lord's menacing henchmen. Their mission is daring, their courage unwavering, and their need for speed insatiable.

With its exhilarating action sequences and charismatic characters, "Fast Five" is a rollercoaster of a movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat, heart racing, and pulse pounding. This is a story of daring heists, impossible escapes, and the thrill of the chase—a tale that will keep you captivated until the very last moment. So, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime with "Fast Five."