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Plot and Synopsis

"" follows the lives of four girls in London, each dealing with their own challenges. They unexpectedly become involved in a complex series of events when they cross paths with stolen diamonds, leading to a high-stakes heist. The film intertwines their stories, showcasing their individual struggles, relationships, and ambitions as they navigate through the chaotic aftermath of the heist. Filled with action and comedy, the movie takes the audience on a fast-paced ride through the intertwining lives of these four young women, blending thrills, friendship, and unexpected twists in their quest to resolve the mayhem caused by the stolen diamonds. Movie Details and Cast

Duration: 117 min

Release Year:

Release Date: 2010-06-02

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User Rating: 55.22% out of 186 votes

Tagline: Four girls, one heist, countless twists in


In the bustling streets of London, the tale of "" revolves around the lives of four young women, each carrying their unique dreams, challenges, and aspirations.

We're introduced to Jo, who dreams of fame, and Cassandra, an ambitious student seeking academic success. There's also Kerrys, navigating her life as a boxer, and Shannon, a carefree girl enjoying her London life.

Their seemingly separate worlds suddenly collide as they unwittingly get entangled in a web of events triggered by stolen diamonds. This unexpected twist sets off a chain reaction that intertwines their lives, leading to a thrilling and high-stakes heist.

The film artfully weaves together their individual stories, offering a glimpse into the diverse struggles, relationships, and dreams of these four young women. Jo's pursuit of fame takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself caught in the chaos of the stolen diamonds. Cassandra's journey for academic success intertwines with the high-stakes drama, pushing her into unforeseen situations.

Meanwhile, Kerrys, the aspiring boxer, finds herself in the midst of the heist, and Shannon's carefree life takes an unexpected turn as the events unfurl. Their lives collide in a flurry of action, comedy, and adrenaline-fueled moments.

As the story progresses, the film takes the audience on a thrilling ride, showcasing the entwined lives of these four women. The heist sets the stage for a series of challenges, unexpected turns, and moments that test their friendships, dreams, and resilience.

"" is a fast-paced journey, blending action, comedy, and thrill as it delves into the interconnected lives of these young women. It's a narrative that resonates with the unpredictability of life and the unexpected ways that fate can bring disparate paths together in the vibrant and dynamic backdrop of London's streets. With its whirlwind of excitement and the rollercoaster of events, the film captivates the audience, offering a mosaic of friendship, ambition, and the surprising intertwining of individual stories in the grand tapestry of life.